Our Sydney beauty salon offers premium facial treatments that will help rejuvenate and restore your skin's youthful and healthy glow.

Express Facial

$60 | 35 minutes

A revitalizing facial for all skin types. It includes cleansing, exfoliating, mask and a moisturising application.

Deep Cleansing Facial

$80 | 50 mins

This purifies congested skin that has a tendency to break out, this treatment includes: cleansing, exfoliation and streaming,. It will extract all of your black heads and is followed by an absorbing mask. Your skin will be left looking thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.

Deluxe Facial

$105 | 60 mins

This treatment includes: cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and extraction (if necessary). A relaxing massage is given followed by a hydrating mask. Your skin will be left looking revitalized and radiant.

Liftosome Firming Treatment

$125 | 60 mins

A gentle exfoliation, a clay mask is applied to your skin which gradually heats to 38 degrees, penetrating a cocktail of vitamins and collagen to the heart of your skin cells. A relaxing tightening massage is then given to ensure firm and glowing skin.

Beauty Neuve Renewing Treatment

$105 | 60 mins

Combining the powerful actions of fruit acids and pure Vitamin C, this biological peeling treatment will eliminate dead cells and therefore stimulate cellular renewal; boosting radiance. This is beneficial for all skin types.


$145 | 1hr15mins

This tailored treatment combines the benefits of highly effective micro currents, designed to deeply cleanse the skin, and infuse active ingredients; A relaxing massage follows and is guaranteed to bring immediate and lasting results. There is a choice of hydrating, desensitizing, rebalancing, anti-aging and whitening hydradermie.

Hydra Plus

$160 | 1hr35mins

This is the ultimate facial treatment. This luxurious 3 in 1 facial treatment provides all the benefits of a hydradermie and more. It also includes specialised treatment for the eye and neck area.

Eye Hydradermie

$55 | 30 mins

Combining the proven benefits of micro currents and manual massage, this treatment will immediately smooth, tighten and rehydrate your delicate area.

Aromatice Face

$110 | 60 mins

The aromatic treatment combines the biolocial effect of plant concentrates with the energetic and beneficial properties of essential oil; beneficial for all skin types.

Back Therapy Treatment

$70 | 30 mins

This treatment refreshes with a deep  cleanse, exfoliation and extraction (if necessary). There is also a stress relieving massage with essential oils and mask that will leave your skin radiant and you feeling relaxed.

Aromatic Sugar Scrub 

$120 | 60 mins

A full body scrub exfoliation using sugar kiwi body scrub followed by a body massage with a beautiful body moisturizer will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.